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Medical Dry Rotary Vane Vacuum

Benefits and FeaturesOptions
  • Touch screen digital display (for HMI or PBMI controls)
  • No oil anywhere
  • Long vane life
  • Low vibration
  • Suitable for dedicated waste anesthesia (WAGD) systems
  • No water and sewage costs
  • Less routine maintenance (no oil changes)
  • Premium Warranty
  • Expandable configurations for skid mounted systems up to quadplex
  • Basic Controls

Why Oilless Rotary Vane? oilless pump

Our medical vacuum systems with our proven dry rotary vane pump technology can be customized specifically to meet your needs.  Powerex offers two different control panel options for our Medical Vacuum Systems - Premium Controls as our standard or optional Basic controls.



Vacuum Pump Technology: Dry Rotary Vane 

 Dry Rotary Vane Tankmount Systems (with Premium or Basic Controls)


MODELHPTank Size (Gal.)SCFM @ 19" Hg
VOTD07557.5 (2)200 H30.4
VOTD1006 8.6 (2)240 H56
VVOTD0153 1.5 (2)80 V5.3
VVOTD0203 2 (2)80 V8.2
VVOTD0303 3 (2)80 V12.5
VVOTD0404 5 (2)120 V15.4
VVOTD0504 5 (2)120 V22.1


Dry Rotary Vane Skid mount Systems (with Premium or Basic Controls)


MODELHPTank Size (Gal.)SCFM @ 19" Hg
VOPD04035 (2)80 V15.4
VOPD0503 5 (2)80 V22.1
VOPD0754  7.5 (2)120 V30.4
VOPD1004 8.6 (2)120 V56
VOPT0503 5 (3)80 V44.2
VOPT0754  7.5 (3)120 V60.8
VOPT1004 8.6 (3)120 V112
VOPQ0505  5 (4)200 V66.3
VOPQ0755  7.5 (4)200 V91.2
VOPQ1005 8.6 (4)200 V168


Medical Vacuum System DesignHelpful Links
  • All systems are fully compliant with the latest edition of NFPA 99
  • Includes:

            - Multiple Vacuum Pumps

             - ASME receiver

             - UL listed control panel (Premium or Basic)*

             - All interconnecting piping and wiring

             - Vibration isolation pads and flex connectors

  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities

Specification and Cut Sheets – Skidmount

Specification and Cut Sheets – Tankmount

System Manual

Medical Vacuum Brochure