Alarm Panels

NEW! Powerex now offers the most comprehensive LCD touch screen alarm panels on the market with our new Med Touch Series alarms.

  • Up to 128 signal points in a single panel
  • Bright, easy to read LCD displays
  • Text/e-mail notification of alarm events
  • Enter text instructions for staff under alarm condition

Med Touch Series LCD Touch Screen Alarm PanelsHelpful Links
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Med Touch Area Alarm Conversion KitSpecification Sheet
Med Touch Combination Alarm Conversion KitSpecification Sheet
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Med Touch LCD Alarm Panels

Med Touch Area Alarm Panel



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Powerex Alarm Panels are designed to save valuable wall space while providing the utmost in safety and reliability. Powerex offers the following Alarm Panel configurations:

  • Master alarms – up to 64 signal points.
  • Area alarms – up to 14 gas modules.
  • Combination alarms.
Alarm Panels
Helpful Links
Master Alarm PanelsSpecification Sheet
Master Alarm Conversion KitsSpecification Sheet
Area Alarm PanelsSpecification Sheet
Combination Alarm PanelsSpecification Sheet
Local NEMA 4 Master or Combination Alarm PanelsSpecification Sheet
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Remote Alarm Systems Manual

Alarm Panel

Alarm Panel


Powerex Alarm Panels are ETL listed to UL 1069 and are made in the USA.